“A beautiful shop with wonderful candy and great toys. Add the beautiful folks who run it, and this is a must see spot!” —Joe R.

“Beautiful store! Awesome place!! One of a kind!” — Hilda R. D.

“How I wish I were a kid!!! ‘Cause this is where I’d want to be….” — Adrienne D.

“When I actually took the trip from Kingston to check it out . . . I wanted to stay forever.” — Kate M.

“If you are looking for a great gift for a child or you are craving something sweet, this is the best shop around.” — Joshua G.

“Lovely little candy shop with a friendly owner. Ask her how she came up with the store’s name, it’s a sweet story.” — Susie B.

“This store is incredible. Go and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed! All who work at the shop are extremely kind and helpful, and you will come away with a big smile on your face.” — Jordan T.

“If you are in Red Hook, NY, please take the time to visit the shop. Good for parents AND children alike. Great selection of all things children while the staff enables the parents to take a breath and let their kids let loose a bit under proper supervision. A must visit. Enjoy!” — David T.


“When you walk inside this shop situated in a country home with an open porch, you enter a fantasy wonderland. The decor is striking and invites you to the wonders that exist on the beautifully laid out shelves. Different types of candies, rarely seen in other stores, greet your senses. Imported chocolates as well as other delights can be bought by filling a bag weighed by the pound or just choosing a package or box of unusual sumptuous goodies . . . Then comes the toy department. Unusual high-end toys that bring magic to the eyes of young and old.” — Belle R.

“Little Pickles is a great place to bring your kids.  They have an excellent selection of educational toys, gifts, and sweets.  The proprietors have their own kids, so they know exactly what kinds of toys to keep in stock.”
— David B.